Old Homesteader- A throwback variety from the 1850’s, this variety gives us 10″ pods of string-less, sweet beans.

Contender- A resilient bush bean that will out produce any other, and in less time. This bean is the Olympian of northern fresh eating bush beans. Days to Harvest: 45 Days



Chioggia- “key-oh-jah” This early 1840’s italian heirloom is known for it’s lack of “bleeding”. The impressive “bulls-eye” pattern makes them a beautiful and delicious addition to any dish.  Days to Harvest: 55 Days   


Lutz- A never woody beet that will stay with you through the “long haul”. This beet with keep in dry, cool storage for several months. Not only are the roots delicious, but the wide, tender tops, too! Days to Harvest: 70 Days   

Sugar Beet- In 2011 the USDA approved genetically engineered sugar beets. But never fear. These are genetically clean sugar beats that can be cooked down into a sugar substance just like sugar from the store, but better. Days to Harvest: 110 Days   


Calabrese- This deep green broccoli forms one main head growing up to 8 inches then forming tasty tender side shoots. Days to Harvest: 58-90 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Waltham- Deep Green, with standard sized heads, this broccoli is tried and true.  Days to Harvest: 74 Days


Brussel Sprouts

Early Half Tall- This variety is packed with vitamins and is very productive. Vegetables become sweeter after the first frost. Days to Harvest: 80-90 Days   



Purple Savory- This purple cabbage with green accented leaves makes any meal art. Stores well with sweet flavor. Very Cold Tolerant. Days to Harvest: 61 Days   

Red Express- A beautiful deep red early developing cabbage perfect for stir fry or coleslaw. Days to Harvest: 63 Days  


Royal Chantenay-  This carrot is sweet and fine-grained with a resilience to thick clay soil.  Days to Harvest: 60-75 Days


Lunar White- Get back to your “roots”! Did you know originally all carrots were white? Give this one a try and impress your friends. Days to Harvest: 60 Days   

Paris Market- A small round carrot perfect for container gardens. The Paris Market is a small carrot that packs a big punch. Days to Harvest: 55 Days   



Erfurter- This German heirloom is a self-blanching cauliflower that yields large, uniform heads, weighing several pounds without the bitter after taste of typical cauliflower. It thrives even in dry conditions.  Days to Harvest: 65  Days


Fordhook Giants- A 1750’s variety that grows with vigor, this swiss chard has thick, juicy white stems and mild flavored leaves. This plant continues to produce even after the first frost. Days to Harvest: 50-60 Days   

Oriole Orange- Majestically beautiful like the Oriole bird, this chard will add a brilliant glow to your plate. This heirloom is also heat and cold tolerant with a sweet mild taste. Days to Harvest: 60 Days  


Champion Collard- This chard is disease and frost resistant with incredibly large leaves.
Days to Harvest: 74 Days   


Arkansas Little Leaf- A short season variety with compact vines perfect for tight spaces. This is a parthenocarpic variety, meaning it will produce fruit without the help of pollinators. Another great pickle that again makes a  great fresh snack, too. Days to Harvest: 55 Days   

Crystal Apple- A popular New Zealand heirloom from the early 1900’s this cucumber is said to be more digestible than other cucumbers, with tender, bitterness skin and a crisp flesh. Days to Harvest: 65 Days   



Marketmore 76-A cucumber with an epic, bitter free crunch. This variety produces long fruits in great abundance, and loves to be trellised.  Days to Harvest: 58-75 Days   



Little Fingers- A clustering, productive variety that produces slender fruits throughout the season. Perfect for bite-sized fried eggplant. Days to Harvest: 68 Days   


Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch- Neither blue nor scotch the Dwarf Blue is an early kale that doesn’t require a frost to be rid of the bitter tones. This makes this variety perfect for those early summer salads we all crave. Days to Harvest: 56 Days   

Scarlet Kale- A Greek heirloom with purple leaves and deep red veins. This Kale is wonderful cooked prior to a frost, and becomes a sweet addition to a salad after the first frost. Days to Harvest: 60 Days   

Red Russian- This heirloom kale was first introduced to Canada by Russian fur traders.
The deep red stems turn an even deeper purple/red in cold weather or after a frost.  This kale is more tender and flavorful than other kales. The colder the weather, the deeper the color and sweeter the flavor.  Days to Harvest: 50 Days



Early White Vienna- Similar but smaller than the Early purple but with a faster growth rate. Days to Harvest: 50-67 Days  


Blue Solaise – Very cold-hardy, very productive.This leek has sea foam green leaves that turn violet after a frost. Days to Harvest: 100 Days  

King Richard – The King Richard is a full flavored summer leek, maturing in record time. Days to Harvest: 75 Days  


Grand Rapids- A late 1800’s heirloom named for its historic town, Grand Rapids (MI). This lettuce is uniform, and almost too decorative to eat with deep waved frills and a crisp crunch. Days to Harvest: 45-55 Days   

Oakleaf Royal- This variety is tender and sweet and bears the heat well without wilting.  Days to Harvest: 49 Days   

Black Seeded Simpson-A dependable, heat resistant lettuce that holds off on bolting until the last moment. A favorite of the rabbits, because they know their veggies! Days to Harvest: 45 Days   




Noir de Carmes- A sweet, aromatic, orange fleshed French heirloom melon preserved from extinction by the Carmelite monks. The melon could be mistaken for an acorn squash with a quick glance, but certainly not with a taste.  Days to Harvest: 80 Days  

Ice Cream- This green fleshed melon was aptly names because the center is perfectly sized for a scoop of ice cream or sorbet. The vine is also a prolific producer.    Days to Harvest: 80 Days  

Tuscany- There are almost no seeds in this heirloom, all sweet, orange flesh!  Days to Harvest: 78 Days  




Onion, Welsh, Bunching (Scallions)-An easy to grow variety known for its hardiness and bold flavor that is particularly well-suited to Asian cuisine. Days to Harvest: 80 Days   



Turga- This variety is has wide roots that excel in thick soils and are smooth and sweet.  Days to Harvest: 100-110 Days   




Mammoth Melting Sugar-A wilt resistant vine with beautiful while flowers producing large flat sweet pods. Days to Harvest: 70 Days   

Sugar Ann Snap- This variety grows on a short vine producing super sweet pods that pop in your mouth. A favorite among children and adults alike. Days to Harvest: 54 Days   


Alma Pepper- This is a paprika variety with a thick wall that dries and grinds nicely for a flavorful paprika seasoning with no nonsense. Days to Harvest: 70-80 Days   


Cayenne Long Red Thin- A 6 inch red cayenne adds a bite to a dish fres or cooked, and also dried well to be ground for future seasoning. Days to Harvest: 70 Days   

Early Jalapeno – Everything you expect a jalapeno to be. Days to Harvest: 60 (green) 83 (red) Days   


Sweet Chocolate Bell- This pepper loves a cool season, and produce a sweet pepper with a beautiful maroon color. Days to Harvest: 58-66 Days   


Jarrahdale- A “cinderella” shaped pumpkin with a casper colored shell. This pumpkin makes an excellent decoration, or baking pumpkin that keeps nicely. About a 10″ pumpkin. Days to Harvest: 100 Days  

Kakai- This variety is known for its completely hulless seed. The flesh is also good in soups and stews but is not a sweet pie pumpkin. Days to Harvest: 100 Days   

Montana Jack- The perfect carving pumpkin, but if carving isn’t your think it makes a solid pie. This variety builds tough, strong vines. Days to Harvest: 90 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Rouge Vif D’Etampes- A French heirloom “Cinderella” perfect for decoration. This variety can be eaten but is not as sweet as it’s cousins. Also a good soup pumpkin. Days to Harvest: 95 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Sugar Pie- Small, 6-7 inch pumpkins that are mostly flesh 4-5 inches a very sweet pie pumpkin and holds up well to canning. Days to Harvest: 88-100 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Tours French- This pumpkin looks like a watermelon with a stem weighing about 16lbs. This pumpkin makes a unique carver, and produces giant seeds for art or eating. Days to Harvest: 90 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Jack Be Little- This tiny pumpkin fits in the palm of your hand. Days to Harvest: 105 Days   


Early Scarlet Globe- The earliest variety we know of, this variety produces radishes in under 30 days. It makes an excellent compost tester. Days to Harvest: 20-28 Days   

French Breakfast- This radish is a cylindrical radish from 1870 with a red top and a white tip. Days to Harvest: 20-30 Days   

Helios- A yellow, sweet and mild radish the size of an olive. This is an excellent salad radish. Days to Harvest: 30-35 Days   



Laurentian- A never woody, yet large rutabaga. The Laurentian rutabaga has a purple top and a yellow base. Days to Harvest: 95 Days  

Nadmorska- This Lithuanian heirloom is a yellow variety that is sweet but has a hint of mustard flavor. Days to Harvest: 90 Days   


Bloomsdale Long Standing- This 1826 heirloom variety produces the most tender baby spinach you’ll ever taste and a very solid mature spinach. Days to Harvest: 39 Days   

Giant Noble- A spinach with a spreading habit, this variety has very large leaves and washes easily. Days to Harvest: 48 Days  

Strawberry- What a unique spinach! This variety is tall with toothed leaves and produces a fruit that resembles a strawberry in appearance and flavor. The fruits are perhaps not sweet enough for pie but make a nice topping to a salad. Days to Harvest: 40-55 Days   

Summer Squash

Benning’s Green Tint Scallop-A patty pan variety that is at its most flavorful when harvested young. Days to Harvest: 55 Days   

Early Prolific Straightneck-Another archetypal squash, this variety is well-suited in many climates and needs little dressing up to shine. Days to Harvest: 48 Days 


Striata d’Italia-A variety known for its flavor as well as its versatility; it tastes great batter dipped and fried while also being a perfect addition to any salad or stir fry. Days to Harvest: 50 Days   

Winter Squash

Birdhouse Gourd-The go-to variety for crafters and birdwatchers alike, their fruit, decorated or left plain, make a great addition to the garden and a great home for any number of nearby bird species. Days to Harvest: 95-110 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

White Acorn-A smaller, snow white variety that can be harvested young or old depending on its intended use with excellent flavor in either case. Days to Harvest: 90 Days   

Galeux D’eysines-A French variety that hides delectably sweet flavor beneath its blemished exterior, and thus serving as the perfect reminder to not judge a book by its cover. Days to Harvest: 96 Days   

Japanese Red Kuri Squash-A mid-sized variety of bold color and a sumptuously dry, nutty flavor that is perfect for an array of culinary preparations both sweet and savory. Days to Harvest: 90 Days   


Table King Bush Acorn-A great grower in compact spaces, this smaller variety is extremely high yielding and excellent for root cellar storage. Days to Harvest: 80 Days   

Vegetable Spaghetti-Another variety well-suited for storage, its stringy flesh lends itself well to spaghetti or other Italian-influenced preparations. Days to Harvest: 88 Days   

Burgess Buttercup-This buttercup variety is a compact plant with string-less, sweet flesh. Days to Harvest: 95 Days   

Butternut Rogosa Violina-A heartily growing, orange-fleshed Italian Heirloom whose sweet flavor makes it perfect for desserts and baking. Days to Harvest: 100 Days   



Black Russian- This variety is truly a russain monster growing up to 15′ tall with 2 ft diameter heads. Seeds are striped white and black and are great for oil production or livestock feeding. Days to Harvest: 90-95 Days   2016 actual: ? Days

Peredovik- A shorter Russian variety growing 5-6′ tall, these short sunflowers spend all of their energy producing meaty, calorie and oil dense seeds instead of heights. Days to Harvest: 95- 100 Days   



Matt’s Wild Cherry- An incredible variety that grows and produces like a grape vine.  Days to Harvest: 55-68 Days   

Brad’s Atomic Grape This cherry variety is like a paintball fight on the vine. That exciting array on the vine is even more incredible in the mouth.  Days to Harvest: 75 Days  

Fahrenheit Blues- Easily mistaken for a blueberry and high in  anthocyanins like a blueberry the Fahrenheit blue tomato is a health food in on delicious bite.  Days to Harvest: 60-65 Days   

Glacier- This variety sets early in the season despite the cool breezes and will set tomatoes long after the others. Days to Harvest: 55 Days   


Mexican Midget- Tiny fruits with giant flavor in clusters of up to a dozen. You’ll never look at a cherry tomato the same. Days to Harvest: 60-70 Days  


Tomato- Large


German Pink- Though the name says German, the flavor on this tomato is above and beyond that of a tomato. The tomato has an almost basil hint and makes a wonderful sauce with almost no help from other ingredients and one slice transforms a sandwich. This variety is hands down our favorite variety. Days to Harvest: 85 Days   

Cherokee Purple- This variety is a deeply colored, deeply flavorful variety and acclimated to dry farming techniques for water independence. Days to Harvest: 80 Days   

Rosso Sicilian- A true Italian heirloom variety these unique tomatoes still have the Italian tomato form with ripples over the skin. The tomatoes make an excellent rich spaghetti sauce. Days to Harvest: 70-90 Days   

Black Beauty- This variety is thedarkest tomato in the world, almost midnight black. The color comes from the anthocyanins in the fruit (the same antioxidant in blueberries). The flavor of this variety improves with room temperature storage, freeing up space in your refrigerator.  Days to Harvest: 80 Days


Shogoin- This variety produces equally delicious greens and roots. The root is round and white. Days to Harvest: 42 Days   




Cream of Saskatchewan- Not your average looking watermelon, the Cream of Saskatchewan is thought to have been brought to Saskatchewan by Russian immigrants and boasts fresh cream colored flesh and produces early in the season. Days to Harvest: 80 Days   


Sugar Baby- This variety is a very productive plant turning out many mini watermelons of 6-10 pounds with tough skin making sure it makes it home safe even after rolling around in the trunk of the car. Days to Harvest: 70 Days