Who We Are



As Majestic Muse farm’s leading lady and chief animal lover, Lauren is the one who makes the plans for the what plants we’re growing, what critters we’re raising, and how we’re moving forward with our plans to live a sustainable and minimalist lifestyle for the long haul. She also has perpetual dibs on holding all the newborns first (mothers permitting of course!),



As our resident green thumbed mathematician, Jim is Majestic Muse Farm’s go-to guy for all things planting, growing, and harvesting.  He’s also an expert wood splitter and fire maker, which helps keep us all warm during the many subzero nights here in Cook.



As something of a utility farmhand, David does a little bit of everything for the farm from managing our online presence, and planning out educational events to gathering hay and clearing brush.  Most importantly, he’s the designated playmate to our two beautiful Great Dane ladies, Penelope and Myrina.


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